Plan B at the Newmarket racecourse review


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Photo credits: On Track Media

If you want to go to an event that will ‘blow your mind’ you should go to a Plan B concert like the one at the Newmarket racecourse on Friday. Plan B (Ben Drew) and his band created an unforgettable experience. In spite of storms and outbursts of very heavy rain, the huge crowd of fans packed the green and moved and sang with the band constantly, knowing all the words, really enjoying sounds that vibrated evocatively through us.

Plan B touched that central part of our psyche that rebels strongly against the ills of our society. He managed to whip up a fantastic feeling of righteous indignation expressed in the sound and the language, which was quite colourful at times, but language that was entirely appropriate. It was all the more successful because of meticulous detail with the sound, fantastically orchestrated lights and a band and backing singers who were entirely sympathetic with Plan B’s performance. Sometimes we were amazed as he and a partner-rapper synchronised and sparred with their rapid patter perfectly.


Another gripping feature was an underlying off- the- beat Jamaican-type – come-calypso rhythm enhanced with charismatic percussion – a rhythm that the audience on the ground and in the stands could not resist dancing to and one that brought more colour and joy to the performance.  

This was an amazing show. The type of music he is producing (hence the name ‘Plan B’ –a name he gave to his newly devised sound) is unique, creating a tremendous impact and a clear message of a boy in trouble (expelled from a school) making good. It was no wonder the audience pleaded for more at the end.


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