Ocean Film Festival


World Tour 2019

Before I even got into the Cambridge Corn exchange for the BANFF Film Festival there was a cue round the block of sport enthusiasts ready and roaring to go for what to tonight had in store.

As I stepped in the atmosphere was full of chatter and excitement as this was there 10th year they had clearly built up a dedicated base of fans.

The first film was a charming clay animation about an annoying climber and his friend trying to reach the top of a mountain. This squeezed a chuckle or two out of everyone in the crowd as it progressed.

The next two short films were inspiring documentaries that left the crowd in awe of the human spirit and were both beautifully shot; highlighting both people perfectly in their respective fields.

Another highlight for me was most definitely the film about a mother, daughter duo travelling between Alaska and Canada with nothing but skis and basic supplies. Their bond and determination was inspiring and heartwarming as they trekked across the snowy mountains. This film stood out to so much and has stuck with me ever since. I can’t quite put my finger on why it sucked me in so much but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see this beautiful film.

Overall, the crowd, the films and even the presenter created the perfect night out for all involved and left me wanting, if not needing, to go back next year.


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