Sea Life


Step beneath the waves at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth and get closer than ever before to the creatures and features of the world’s oceans.  From the colourful to the curious, the majestic to the mystical, get ready to be amazed as you discover the stories of the oceans’ most fascinating inhabitants.

Jelly Invaders NEW for 2019 takes you on a journey into the fascinating world of jellyfish!   

Get up close to ‘Moon Jellyfish’ and follow the jellyfish life cycle!  Jellyfish are older than all of our ancient reptiles and scientists believe they first swam in our oceans around 500 million years ago!  Jelly Invaders will allow you to see jellyfish in a whole new light!

With over 1,500 sea creatures and the 250,000 litre Tropical Ocean Display/tunnel is where you can see an awesome array of creatures and our largest inhabitants as they roam around the Lost City of Atlantis!  Interact with our playful Humboldt penguins as they swim and socialise together!

Come face to fin with our rapidly growing juvenile blacktip reef sharks, they are part of our ongoing breeding program with future plans to achieve SEA LIFE‘s first ‘second generation’ captive blacktip reef shark births.  Find out how it feels to touch a starfish at the Interactive Rockpool Experience.  Make the most of your visit and enjoy the daily fun talks, animal feeds, special events and the Dive Adventure Quiz Trail – there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth.

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