Experience flying a realistic Spitfire simulator


Visit Maidenhead Heritage Centre for a brilliant experience flying our fabulous realistic Spitfire simulator, complete with authentic controls and the sound of the Merlin engine. You are the pilot of this iconic plane, which entered RAF service in 1938.

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Our friendly volunteer instructors will ensure you have a fantastic experience as you climb into the cockpit, take off, fly up the Thames through 21st century London, loop the loop over Windsor Castle or fly around the Isle of Wight before attempting that all-important landing.

Gift vouchers (£25) are available for this special experience, which is suitable for anybody aged 8 to 80! It’s part of an exhibition about the brave women and men of Air Transport Auxiliary who kept the RAF supplied with planes during World War II – and from 29 August to 2 November this year we have a bonus exhibition called “ATA-girls and Ancient Airmen” which marks the 80th birthday of ATA.  Come fly with us!  We look forward to welcoming you to Maidenhead.



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