Archery Gift Experience


Mark, the “Robin Hood” of MG Archery, was very welcoming to my wife and me when we arrived for our two-hour “taster” session. He was cheerful and even comedic at times – we always enjoyed a good laugh over our visit.

First Mark started us out with a quick overview of what archery is, then dived into each type of bow, a brief history of each and even the different arrows from centuries past with tangible examples to hold. Mark brilliantly and patiently delivered instruction, all in terms anyone from age 5 to 105 could understand, even if the only bow you have ever held was accompanied by wrapping paper.

Shooting the bow was the best part and a lot of fun. The first few arrows went astray, but Mark helped me dial it in quickly with some pointers, and soon I was hitting “gold” (not called a bulls-eye, we learned that from Mark).

My wife’s initial instruction took a little longer, however, Mark was very patient and had all of the right changes to allow her arrows to fly true. We also learned how to keep score as if we were shooting at an event – and we got to take our scorecards with us. It was such good fun!

The Team at MG archery are very knowledgeable about all aspects of history and culture of archery, enough to make you want to learn more while fully enjoying yourself in good company! Their equipment is mobile as well so they can even come to you and your friends. Our two hours were halved by tea and biscuits to give us time to talk about all we had learned with the other students, who ranged from a 5-year-old girl to competition-level archers.

We left convinced that MG Archery are the people to talk to if you want a fun and family-friendly environment to learn everything related to proper archery for all skill levels. MG Archery is also certified in canoeing, climbing, air rifles and abseiling.

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