Flight at the Movies

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Flight at the Movies

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Date(s) - 25/06/2022
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Hawk Conservancy Trust
Sarson Lane, Weyhill,
SP11 8DY.

Event Description

Saturday 25 June


Join the Hawk Conservancy Trust for a sensational evening on Saturday 25 June, their biggest event of the year, where they’ll create a spectacle you simply won’t experience elsewhere. With the accompaniment of live music and a singer playing iconic music and singing familiar songs you’ll know and love from some of the best movies of all time, birds of prey will grace the skies above Reg’s Wildflower Meadow, while you sit back and savour them in flight as they glide in time to the music.

They’ll bring firm favourites alive in true Hawk Conservancy Trust style. You’ll experience moments inspired by movies during the evening with a combination of music, birds and costume that will be truly uplifting. Whether it’s a line from a film, a piece of music or a song you can hum or sing along to, the Trust will transport you into the movies such as the Lion King, Mission Impossible and Harry Potter, as only they can, with our beautiful birds flying overhead. As this will be the largest display of the year at the Trust, you can expect to see more birds flying in one display for this night only! See stars such as the mesmerising Barn Owl, the team of aerial acrobats – the Black Kites, the cheeky Hooded Vultures, the mighty Bald Eagle, the inquisitive Striated Caracara and the king of speed Peregrine Falcon

Tickets: £39, with optional barbeque additions available.

Event Contact Information

Website Address: www.hawk-conservancy.org/events/flight-at-the-movies/
Contact Telephone Number: 01264 773850

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