Temples Seal Trips


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Temples Seal Trips are described as a “must do” experience, suitable for all ages.

Take a boat trip to see the SEALS in their natural environment basking on Blakeney Point with Temples Seal Trips.

You will find us on the North Norfolk Coast (A149) where our red and white boats, Morston Ferry & the Four Sisters leave from Morston Quay. 

All seal trips last approximately one hour with landing on Blakeney Point lasting for an additional 30 – 60 minutes.

The boats will take you out to Blakeney Harbour, with the fully qualified crew on board able to share their local knowledge with you. The seals, both Common and Grey will normally be basking on the end of Blakeney Point.

We have mostly common seals in the summer months, who have arrived at Blakeney Point in order to have their pups. The pups start arriving about June, and will continue through until the end of August.

The Grey seals have their pups in the months of November and December, so Christmas is a good time for viewing if you wrap up warm!

They are very inquisitive animals, so will often swim around the boat. This is a perfect time for photographs, so don’t forget your camera! The views are stunning, and what better chance to breathe in the fresh air of the North Norfolk coast.

The trip is a unique experience for all ages – a rare opportunity to visit wildlife in its natural surroundings.

On the way home we also take the chance to land you on Blakeney Point when the tide allows, which is a chance for a leg stretch on a beautiful strip of beach.
You will have time to walk to the old Lifeboat house which is now an information centre owned by the National Trust.

Blakeney Point is an internationally famous breeding and feeding ground for migrant birds.

Throughout the spring and summer months we have tern colonies nesting, including Sandwich, Common, Little and Arctic Terns.

We can view these very closely from the boat, with the adults feeding their partners on the nest. We also watch the young chicks being fed, and then observe them being marched down to the waters edge as the summer progresses.

We also have Oyster Catchers and Ringed Plover nesting on the Point, so we do ask that great care is taken not to disturb any bird life when you land.

During the winter months we have various duck and geese visiting Blakeney Point. These include Mallard, Teal, Pintail and Widgeon, with the Brent geese spectacular in their numbers.

Blakeney Point is a unique and unforgettable experience, a must for all bird lovers!

Places fill very quickly so we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment, tickets can be picked up from the ticket office in the Anchor Pub in Morston.

Please ring to reserve your seats on tel: 01263 740791

We look forward to welcoming you on our next trip!

Please visit our website for further information.


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