Seaside Fun & Spectacle

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Seaside Fun & Spectacle

Aldeburgh Carnival & Regatta has been a feature of the Suffolk seaside scene since the Nineteenth Century.  The carnival was re-invented in 1927 as an annual festival and this year we are celebrating 75 years of bringing seaside fun and entertainment for all ages to enjoy throughout the weekend of 19, 20 & 21 August 2017.

As it says on the poster, this year’s theme of “Amazing Aldeburgh!” provides a lot for the organisers to draw upon and especially those who will make the Monday grand parade and procession full of colour and music with splendid costumes, floats and tableaux all headed by the Carnival Queen and led by a London based military band.

It’s not all dressing up.  The Lifeboat launch is always popular, the Carnival Village along the prom will be filled with boutique stalls and specialist traders and for the first time on the Suffolk coast, the Royal Air Force Falcons Parachute Display Team will be thrilling the crowds with their free-fall demonstration of very advanced aerial skills.   The half marathon, swimming and land based races for all ages and abilities cater for sporty types and this year’s grand fireworks display will be something to remember.

Carnival programmes with a full timetable of events, entry forms and parking  advice are available through the website at  or from local outlets.   Roll-up, Roll-up!  Come and enjoy something for everybody.  Oh yes, please  favour the bucket collectors with a generous contribution or two since the carnival is proud of its tradition of helping good causes



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