Scaresville is back, bigger, badder and better, for its 13th Year of Fear!


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The number 13 may be unlucky for some, but not for Scaresville, which looks like being the biggest and best one yet!  East Anglia’s premier halloween attraction, run by Kentwell Hall, and recognised as Best in the UK at the industry’s 2018 SCARE awards, is back for its 13th year.

Rebekah Phillips, Director of Scaresville, said: “‘Our hugely talented team at Scaresville have been perfecting how to make people laugh, and cry(!) for the last 12 years. We can’t wait to scare you again!’

Every year, the Scaresville team devises new ways to scare and entertain people, with visitors coming from all over England for the experience.

Scaresville’s 2019 event will be running nightly from Wednesday 2 October to Saturday 2 November.  Tickets are already selling well and the event has now become a regular fixture in many of its visitors’ diaries.   The big build is now underway, and months of planning have gone into what is shaping up to be a terrifically terrifying, but fun, event.

Kentwell’s owner, Patrick Phillips says: “Where Scaresville feels different to other events is in the sheer volume of different experiences. The scenes come thick and fast and it is impossible to second guess what is coming next. From dark rooms to circus clowns through to pitch black mazes, and massive set pieces, the attraction throws just about every scare technique at the guests. It really is a whole hour of live action Halloween fun!”

As well as providing one of the best nights out around, local people can also take part as scarers and other behind the scenes positions. Over 250 people were involved in last year’s event and this year will have a similar sized team.

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