Save Christmas From Scrooge


At High Lodge, Thetford Forest

A fun puzzle hunt for families and the young at heart!

A fantastic pre-Christmas activity for those who like escape room games, treasure hunts and solving puzzles. Work as a team to find the clues that will lead you to the jamming device and work out how to switch it off. But you have to hurry – you only have 60 minutes to prove yourselves! Available weekends during December – for further information about times, dates and bookings visit . Corporate group options available on weekdays – corporate groups can be requested by calling 07592 050583.

It is hard to believe but not everyone likes Christmas. The season of peace and goodwill is rejected by the society of puritanical miseries who call themselves SCROOGE, taking their inspiration from possibly the most famous of Charles Dickens’ characters.

Not just wallowing in their killjoy anguish, they also want to deny the rest of us our Yuletide fun. They have set up a network of radio jamming devices across the land to interfere with the radio signals Santa and his band of helpers use to plan the Big Man’s route on Christmas Eve. One such jamming device is in Thetford Forest!

Assemble a team to try and locate the jamming device and de-activate it, thereby helping Santa bring joy to millions as he has done for time immemorial.

An agent from the covert East Anglian Intelligence Agency, hired to track down SCROOGE, will meet your team at High Lodge where you will be provided with your agents’ pack and given a short briefing. You then have exactly 60 minutes to locate and deactivate the jamming device following a series of clues, solving puzzles and working together as a team. Our agents will be in contact throughout the adventure.

Map reading skills are useful! The route is just over 1.1 miles (1.6km) and can be completed in under the 60mins at a moderate walking pace.

Suitable for all ages but under 14s need to be accompanied by at least one adult.

Please visit for booking and further information.


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