Royal Norfolk Show Review





Royal Norfolk Show Review

East of England Online also spoke to Mel and Justin Wilder, East Of England Online’s readers about their show experience…

JUSTIN‘As an American, spending the last four years in Japan – the Royal Norfolk Show was just what I needed to feel like I was home!  The sights, sounds and friendly faces took me right back to my childhood and my many summers at the county fair. We handed over our tickets and walked through the gates to be welcomed by carnival rides for all ages. The sounds of screams and laughs filled my ears, and the smell of popcorn and other sweet treats filled my nostrils….I was in heaven.’

‘I was most interested in the animals, as they were always my favourite part of our county fair and I did my fair share of showing livestock myself, so I just couldn’t wait to see what new and exciting things England may have that we did not have  in the states. I was in awe of the Highland Cattle and spoke with a friendly owner that let me snuggle with her cow! How furry it was! I was greeted outside the barn by another surprise. A British Blue bull that looked like he spent all his spare time at the gym! He was very muscular and not one bit of fat. I had always seen these two breeds in pictures but never in person, so I thought it was the coolest thing!’

‘Next it was time to check out the bread and butter of the show (in my mind anyway!) the horses! We walked across the grounds to watch the demonstration by Sovereign Quarter Horses and they put on a lovely show! Man those horses can move! Spinning, stopping, and side stepping! I also got to chat with the owners after their demo about training my own horse to move so well.  They were really nice folks and turns out they are very close to my house! Dreaming of getting back into the western world of riding again, we wandered over to the jumping arena where riders were competing, how athletic these horses were! I decided right then if I decided to do jumping, it wouldn’t be quite THAT high. Behind the jumpers I could see the draft horses waiting in line to do their rounds a neighboring arena. I was in awe at the size and raw power they possessed. All ready to go and when they finally went on to the arena they all, pulled in unison, happy to work.’

‘Having not had my fill of horses I checked out the booths of tack and clothing, and found some great deals for me and my horse. I was able to get some cold weather clothing and some tack for my horse at a fraction of the normal prices, so I was quite pleased. I love the show sales!’

‘If horses aren’t your thing, no worries, you could always check out the tractor display, Top Gear simulator, gun dog demonstrations, or parachute jumpers. There literally was something for everyone, with lots of food, shopping and fun! If you want a great time for the whole family, and missed this years Royal Norfolk Show, then I highly recommend going next year!’


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