VIVA’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast




Friday 27th October reviewed VIVA’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,

at SVC Performing Arts Centre

The production was outstanding and the most enjoyable show, with stacks of talent!

Pippa, 10, who assisted in reviewing the show, complimented the acting, signing and dancing, saying the cast filled the stage with joy, and that she really enjoyed the whole show and it was a lot of fun to watch!

Directors, dynamic duo Ben Clark and Lee ‘Glee’ Sherwood were both child stars in Viva’s first production of Beauty and the Beast back in 2010!

Ten years on and they are back directing it. They say they have been honoured to have been leading such a fantastic, hard-working and inspiring group of young performers.

Rosemary Westwell said “What a wonderful evening! We were transported into a joyous fantasy world of sparkling music and fairytale magic that caught our imaginations superbly. We adored Belle (played by Holly Pryke) who was the beautiful young maiden with the lovely voice who deftly spurned the advances of the conceited Gaston (Zack Wymer). We loved her as she worried and cared for her eccentric father Maurice (Javier Londono) and eventually cast away the evil spell on the Beast (Torin Fahy) so he could turn into the handsome prince he once was and they could live happily ever after. There was hardly a dry eye in the house.

The whole cast was magnificent, from the ensembles to the major roles. Movements on the stage were swift and uplifting to witness and the tableaux that grew to fill the stage only to melt away imperceptibly were delightful. The singing was of a very high standard and it was very moving to see such a host of young people obviously enjoying themselves as they ‘sang their hearts out’.”

The next Viva production at the Performing Arts Centre in Soham is ‘Brassed Off ‘ 9-11th November 2017 contact:

Looking at what else is coming up in the VIVA calendar…


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2018 August: (Possible Summer Trip)

2018 September: (Possible ADC Performance)

2018 October: Play (all ages)

2018 November: Musical (16+) 

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