Review of Gaffa Tape Sandy


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The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds

Walking into the venue I was greeted by a loud guitar and a crowd happily bopping along to the beat. The band in question and the proceeding were an absolute joy to watch and listen to. A highlight of the support acts for me was Fightmilk who soldiered on through a sore voice, made the crowd feel at home and played some absolute bangers. The other three support acts (Goldblume, Egyptian Blue and Bad Stone) were equally as enjoyable to watch and listen to and did a stellar job of hyping the crowd for Gaffa Tape Sandy and the other bands to follow.

Before their set I got to chat with Gaffa Tape Sandy. Whilst Kim (the lead singer) tuned his guitar in the background we sat round a coffee table in the adjoining pub and talked about Gaffa Tape Sandy’s past, present and future. For a little background, the band rose out of the ashes of another band two of the other band members were in at college (where they all met). The three piece band nearly split up due to difference in universities however when they got asked to play BBC1 introducing at Glastonbury they chose to stick together and all ended up at BIMM in Brighton where they’re now based as well as Bury, their home town.

The band have been described and likened to a mix between Busted and Bring Me The Horizon, to which they were not best pleased and turned their nose up, and described themselves as having a flexible genre as to not limit themselves creatively but likened themselves to Garage. They said they were influenced by many bands due to differing music tastes within the band but said a large influence was The White Stripes.

Next year the band are looking forward to releasing new music and possibly doing some more music videos.

I personally would describe them as having indie style aesthetic but a heavier sound. What is certain is that this wonderful three piece are refreshingly down to earth and a hugely talented band.

Gaffa Tape Sandy’s set lived up to and exceeded my expectations; they opened with a crowd favourite (Water Bottle) and kept a constant energy and good vibe throughout the show. The crowd loved them and for good reason as the band, songs and entire atmosphere of the show was casual, friendly and lots of fun. In my opinion the show and the crowd felt a lot like a pop punk show but friendlier; more chill and family friendly.

Overall the show and the bands didn’t disappoint and left me wanting to see the all again someday.

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