Little Mix


Little Mix review

By reviewer Katie Msabaha
Photos – John Hoy

Arriving at the race course the parking was quick and easy under the guidance of friendly staff. The sun was hanging low when we arrived and the last races were causing excitement and jubilation from the summer crowd, many of which were obviously having a fabulous day at the races. The venue was full of colour with a varied mix of concession stands and beautifully dressed people – an onslaught of colours and styles.

If the excitement of the horseracing and the thrill of a live band are not enough then the opportunity to people watch is a joy in itself. As the last race concluded the area around the stage became too packed to allow any visibility but the atmosphere was highly charged and groups of lady race goers chorused Little Mix songs as we waited for the band. The sun slowly sank and afforded us a glorious fenland sunset that fused with the general atmosphere of the evening, making it feel more like a festival than a concert. The band came on to raucous applause and the girls gave a full out, well polished performance complete with professional dancers and a great light show. A regular race goer commented that it was one of the best concerts he had seen at the race course, with Little Mix putting everything into the show. The highlight came at the end when they finished the set with ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ which had everyone in the crowd singing at the top of their voices (always good to leave the crowd on a high note).

As the night drew to a close, the party goers left the venue in great spirits and the warm summer evening left us all smiling as we slowly made our way back out of the car-park.

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