Professional Record Shop in Antique Centre


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Vinyl Fair

24th August Warehouse Antiques, Setchey, Norfolk

Professional Record Shop in Antique Centre

Excitingly, the stock is increasing rapidly! – The stand, A6 at The Warehouse Antiques and Collectibles on the A10 at Setchey, just outside of King’s Lynn, is turning into a small professional record shop with well over 500 different titles. The ambition is to arrive at approximately a thousand by the end of September.  This will see ‘Music Mike’s’ first anniversary  at The Warehouse Antiques and Collectibles site. There has also been an introduction of CDs and Cassettes too!

It is an aim of Music Mike not to have two copies of the same title in each format.  This makes for interesting browsing from a music lover’s perspective, knowing that care has been taken by the curator not to repeat stock.  The titles are hand chosen to appeal to the person who likes to listen to vinyl but maybe not such an avid collector.  So therefore, it is priced accordingly, though still retains that quality one should look for in the playing surface to get successful reproduction.

A new range of vinyl LP have been introduced that has been professionally machine cleaned. Machine cleaning for higher valued products is essential to enhance the sound quality by extracting the dust and grime that can penetrate the grooves.

The process involves combining a cleaning solvent with distilled water, brushing this liquid into the total playing surface of one-side of the vinyl with a pure-bristle brush that has been soaked in the cleaning solvent.  The boom of the cleaning machine, with has a thin slit surrounded by velvet pads is swung into action, literally sucking up the liquid, very much like a vacuum cleaner [and it’s as loud as one too] until the surface is dry. The process is repeated for the other side of the record.  It’s then left to completely air-dry for a few minutes.

At this juncture, any repairing of sleeves will be done, such as re-gluing seams, removing old price stickers, cleaning off dirt or similar. Because the record has been cleaned, and the record will have either a new poly-lined anti-static inner sleeve or just an anti-static liner should it have a printed inner, prior to popping it into the outer sleeve.

As always, the whole LP is protected within a poly-sleeve to ensure the sleeve retains its condition.  All these albums will be identified as having been cleaned with a small notice to say this, so please look for these, but hurry as in only a week these cleaned titles are being snapped up!

So, finally, to announce the guest seller on stand A6 on 24th August will be Ted Carroll of Ace Records fame. Ted founded Chiswick Records in 1976 and signed bands such as The Damned and Motörhead amongst many others. Ted also managed Thin Lizzy during their Decca label years. Now he’s just happy to sell his old Rock ‘n’ Roll, R&B and Soul 45s.  Surely not one to miss.


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