School Visits and Education Programme





School Visits and Education Programme at NCCD

28 Jan – 23 Apr 2017

3D Printing: The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful at NCCD has helped inspire hundreds of schoolchildren from Sleaford and around Lincolnshire this season and helped open their eyes to the amazing possibilities of 3D printing.

Since opening in January, hundreds of visitors have experienced the wonders of 3D printing and interacted with our most accessible exhibition ever. Amongst these visitors, we have welcomed fourteen group, school and University visits, with a total of 258 students enjoying talks, tours and workshops led by exhibitors and collaborators in the show.

We’re also really proud that we were able to host 6 school visits from Special educational needs and disability (SEND) schools over the course of the exhibition too. The fact that accessibility and interactivity was a key element of this exhibition has also meant that students were able to engage with the show in a deeper way than in any of our previous exhibitions and this is certainly something we strive to continue and improve in the future.

Some of the school engagement has involved gallery tours led by NCCD’s Head of Exhibitions Bryony Windsor and the co-curator of the show Professor Anne Chick from the University of Lincoln, as well as workshops with 3D printing pen artist Grace Du Prez and 3D printing designer Johnathan Hutchinson.

As well as learning about 3D printing, students visiting the exhibition have also had the chance to see how the curators of the show have tried to cater for visitors with accessibility issues and in particular, blind or partially sighted visitors. This element has been particularly important in the design of this exhibition, as we wanted all visitors to enjoy and get as much out of the exhibition as possible.

Selected Quotes:

Pilgrim SEND school

“This is amazing. Took my breath away. This will change the world. Helps me even though I have a disability.”

Priory SEND School, Lincoln 20 /29 March
Teacher said “Our students were really motivated and engaged the whole time. All got something out of it. We rarely programme an education talk offer, so was a good way to see it can work well!”

LEverington / Murrow Primaries, Wisbech 24/29 March 2017
“The children have never been so quiet, they are concentrating so hard! They’ve all really enjoyed the day, making something with Grace to take back to school. We’re going to create a display with all their pieces.” – Teacher

Written comments:

“Cool. This place is very interesting and I like the body parts. Love it.”  

      –  Grace

“Amazing because it can inspire younger children to do art as well so they become artists.”

      –  Abbie

“It can tell us the future. SO COOL. Love it. 10/10”

      –  Daniel

“Wow this is the best place EVER.”

      –  Paris

“Awesome! Brilliant range of artworks and I’ve learnt more about 3D printing in general!”

      –  Darcie

Boston Grammar School careers day

“I love the fact that It is so different and in a way special. I never have really seen or touched anything that has been 3D printed so this was such a great opportunity. 5 star rating.”

“Super cool, (cosplay items) here super cool set up. My mum won’t let me have one like this but its super cool.”

Every season we have a range of educational offers relating to our exhibition programme that can be obtained at NCCD or downloaded from our website

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