The New Hampshire Grids





The New Hampshire Grids

Drawings and constructions from 1968 – 1974 by Graham Boyd
Hertfordshire based painter, Graham Boyd has become well known for his striking abstract canvases. This exhibition presents work from a period when he turned away from paint and colour and the two dimensional surface out into relief, and eventually free standing three dimensional constructions. Space-frames of wood, plastics and lead replaced the shallow flat rectangular canvas.
The intervention of a year’s teaching exchange at the University of New Hampshire in 1973-74, without a studio, took Boyd back to a flat surface and drawing. He started to use a rapidagraph pen and a straight edge. The precision which was vital in making the constructions was seen to be necessary in order to control the complexity of producing the grids as the divisions of the angles progressed.
Those familiar with Graham Boyd’s work will find the New Hampshire grids and the 3D pieces a very interesting part of the development of his painting. He still uses a grid as an armature or, as he says, a tempo for his contemporary work.
“For me the Grid is a dance of multiple intersections in a rectangular context, like atomic particles. It was a major device for the cubists and Mondrian and has been widely utilised ever since”.
Graham Boyd will be giving an informal talk on Sunday 23rd April from 2 till 4

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