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The National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD)

Sat 8 Jul – Sun 3 Sep 2017

Jane Perryman, a ceramic artist, photographer, writer and filmmaker will be featuring in an interactive exhibition at the National Centre for Craft and Design opening this summer.

According to Perryman, her poems use “the senses of sight, hearing, taste and smell to describe text and poetry moment and experience of finding”. The National Centre of for Craft and Design invites the public to a Handling Session to encourage individuals to use their touch senses to physically explore the artwork in greater detail. There is also an accompanying catalogue authored by Perryman that is available alongside the exhibition.

Jane Perryman is known internationally for developing the ancient and traditional processes of smoke firing and transforming them into a contemporary art form. Perryman uses ‘naked clay’ surfaces, without the addition of glaze, which allows her vessels to absorb smoke in the black fired pieces or light in the white work.

For those interested in ceramics, poetry, photography or drawing and would like the chance to speak to the artist there is an opportunity to meet Jane at the Opening Event on Sat 8 Jul, 11am-2pm.

Furthermore, if you would like the opportunity to take part in an exhibition handling session, a chance to handle the artwork and discuss the work with a curator, then please do not hesitate to contact The National Centre for Craft and Design to book your place!

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