Paintball Games


Paintball Games


Arriving after a smooth trip, the directions being very self-explanatory, it took just approx 7 minutes to walk from the meadow (parking) to the venue.

Our group was very warmly welcomed by the owner and other members of his team. After signing a disclaimer in which every participating player must sign, we received a numbered wristband, this is for your numbered gun.

We then had a demonstration of the guns, paintball canister, and the do’s and don’ts of the game, before being let loose for the experience of real adventure, one could become addicted very easily to this fun game/sport.

All the equipment is supplied, and if you run out of paint you can purchase more from reception, and return to the game. I found I used rather a lot, so be prepared to spend your cash!

At 1ish we were kindly given a cheese burger….just the right amount to fill a hole, and not to regurgitate whilst running mad shooting your enemies in wait…. Hot and cold drinks are also sold at the reception, and a variety of confectionery is available.

The atmosphere is very friendly, and helpful Marshall’s make it fun, but also safe.

My friends who accompanied me were highly impressed to other venues they have attended….I, however, a Virgin player have every intention of returning to annihilate the opposition….

I would highly recommend Top Dog Paintball, it’s a fantastic ‘experience’,  and would make a superb ‘Gift Experience’ for a group of friends. Also ideal for a Stag or Hen night, or a Birthday!

Top Dog Paintball Ltd
Ringland, Norwich NR8 6JL
Tel: 0844 381 4464


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