Meerkat Gift Experience


Meerkat Experience

EOE visited The Animal experience based near Cambridge, a family business, where all the animals are hand tame. Established in 1995, The Animal experience team have a wide range of qualifications and licenses, so you can be assured that all the animals are in peak condition. 

Pippa who is eight was able to go in with the Meerkat’s to sample the ’Meerkat Experience’, and what a truly wonderful experience this was.

Pippa met Dad – Scratchy, and his three children who were all born at the centre, Leah, Bradley and Timone. They are very friendly creatures and climbed all over Pippa. They took rather a shine to the velcro on Pippa’s new school shoes.

The keepers are very knowledgeable and informative about the meerkats. They explained that the small mammals belong to the mongoose family and that meerkats live in all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and in South Africa. A group of meerkats is called a “mob”, “gang” or “clan” and often contains about 20 meerkats. Meerkats have an average lifespan of 12-14 years. Partially immune to certain venoms, meerkats are able to eat a range of snakes and scorpions although they are primarily insectivores.

Altruistic and forming strong social bonds they forage in a group with one sentry on guard watching for predators while the others search for food. The meerkat standing guard makes peeping sounds when all is well but when it spots danger, it barks loudly or whistles. It has recently been noted that meerkat calls may carry specific meanings, with specific calls indicating the approach of snakes, birds of prey, or other predators.

Whilst we really enjoyed the Meerkats, Pippa wanted to have a good look around at the super selection of Reptiles and Mini-Beasts, she even got to hold a Python Regius!

Geri Haliwell (and her daughter Bluebell) have also experienced ‘The Animal experience’, at an event they attended. The Animal experience has also filmed with a number of celebrities, including Filming with Ben Fogle and Michelle Collins for UKTV Eden Channel at the Royal Opera House, and with David Attenborough for UKTV Eden Channel at The Sachi Gallery.

“EOE HIGHLY recommends the Meerkat experience, it was AMAZING! Pippa just loved it….” It would make a fantastic and unique Gift Experience for anyone who loves animals!

EOE readers can also take advantage of 50 percent off the Meerkat Experience, just call 01223 269654, and quote ‘EOE’.

The Animal Experience
Cambridge Road
Stretham, Ely
T: 01223 269654 




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