Kite Land Boarding Experience


Kite Landboarding with PUSH Kiting in Essex

Push Kiting is a really great way to get outside and enjoy the environment. We travelled over to Clacton-on-Sea for a 2-hour taster session, that was just it, a taste! There are so many things you can do while kiting that it is nearly limitless.

Our instructor was very very knowledgeable about the sport, its history, weather patterns and most of all safety. After taking care of some paperwork my friend Nick and I were given our health and safety brief, very comprehensive. After, we were shown our practice kites, small at just over two meters!
We were shown how to unpack, launch (with one or two people), steer and guide the kites in flight all with exceptional instruction.

After the initial hesitation, Nick and I were able to accurately pilot the kites in a controlled manner, with great advice from our instructor, who went on to explain that after mastering the control of the kite, it gets really fun when you introduce a board or even a buggy into the mix!

After the taster, I felt that I was prepared to learn more and continue with the sport. With professional advice, good prices, and the ability to cater to the whole family, and almost any age, I felt that Push Kiting was a great way to get the family out of the house and involved not only in the sport, but quality time with each other!

Kite Land Boarding Gift Experience makes a fantastic, unique present, starting from £50, and worth every penny!


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