The Innipooh Basket Company

Founded in July 2004 by Decorative Artist Trudi Edmunds, who whilst studying in London was given a hand woven bag, made by her friend Melanie Kirk. Trudi embellished the bag by adding silk flowers, butterflies and a drawstring lining for security. Everywhere she went with the bag people would comment on how gorgeous it was & asked where they could buy one.
Ten years later whilst on holiday in India, Trudi met fellow artisan Parvathi Manivasagam, an expert weaver, living in a one room shack in South East India, Trudi commissioned Parvathi to make a bag similar to hers, and so the Innipooh Basket Company was born!
Trudi EdmundsTel: 01284 764064 Mobile: 07717 153690
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