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Ideas and inspiration of What’s on

eventswhatson.com is your one-stop shop of What’s on across the South of England and the East of England. We have super monthly competitions you can enter online here to awesome Day’s Out, Events across 17 counties great family holidays and action-filled adventure holidays, https://www.eventswhatson.com/where-to-stay-home

If you’re out and about, here’s our pick of places to eat out that have a little something for everyone… https://www.eventswhatson.com/eating-out.

We hope you find some inspiration and enjoy browsing eventswhatson.com.

ART & EXHIBITIONS – A summer of fun and discovery. Find hidden treasures form the art and entertainment world, or simply learn more about your local area. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/art-exhibitions/

CLASSICAL MUSIC – Promote the musical side of your family, with children learning about music of every kinds. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/classical-music/

COMEDY – A show of comedy for all ages and across the regions. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/comedy/

DOG SHOWS – Young owners get their chance to show off their talented pet and win a coveted rosette. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/dog-shows/

FAYRES & FESTIVALS – All the fun of the fair for all ages. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/fayres-festivals/

HALF TERMS EVENTS – Get into action this spring and summer with farm parks full of baby animals and outdoor activities for kids, come rain or sunshine. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/half-term-events/

The October half term in Autumn, always comes with a healthy dose of muddy puddles, multicoloured leaves and spook-factor. Why not go pumpkin picking or try a creepy event at a theme park?

SUMMER HOLIDAY EVENTS – Keep cool in the summer holidays with a visit to an aqua park. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/summer-holiday-events/

CINEMA, THEATRE & SHOWS – Fancy a trip to the cinema or theatre, but don’t know what would be fun with the kids? Check out what’s on here to see the latest cinema releases and summer blockbusters and build the perfect day out around your visit. Please note that not all 12A films are appropriate for younger children.https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/cinema-theatre-shows/

COUNTY & COUNTRY SHOWS – Perfect to see cute baby animals. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/county-country-shows/

FAMILY SHOWS & CONCERTS – All the fun of a memorable family day out that will make their school holiday memories. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/family-shows-concerts/

GARDENS – Leave the smartphones, laptops and books in dust as you and your loved ones get to breathe fresh air. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/gardens/

HORSE SHOWS – There’s so much to see and enjoy – even if your children are new to horses. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/horse-shows/

SHOPPING & MARKETS – Shopping? What’s not to like for all ages. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/shopping-markets/

TOURS – Learn about the history of your area and cater for special interests that appeal to all ages. https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/tours/

CHRISTMAS EVENTS – Celebrate Christmas & New Year! Where did the year go? Check out fun festive events, and things to do in the new year in our Christmas Events category! https://www.eventswhatson.com/events/event-categories/christmas-events/

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