Guided Tours of Future Forest with Tom Piper OBE


Unique opportunity for Guided Tours of Future Forest with Tom Piper OBE

Forestry England are delighted to have Future Forest at High Lodge Forest Centre.

The project opened in October 2019 and is due to close on the 28th September 2020.

Book in now for a guided tour with those that designed and worked on this project.

Future Forest is a truly unique series of six arts installation sites that takes visitors on a voyage of discovery, not only of each site as each location has been carefully chosen, but also the wider forest that is waiting to be explored.

Designed and created by Lisa Wright (multi award winning artist including The National Open Art Prize, Hunting Art Prize and the Threadneedle Art Prize & former artist in residence at the RSC) and  Tom Piper OBE (world renowned theatre designer, ten years as Associate Designer at the RSC and well known for ‘Seas of Red’ / ‘The Poppies’ at The Tower of London in 2014 seen by over five million people), the project is made up of six dramatic classical based sculptural and bespoke designed timber installations that encourage visitors to stop and think about the importance of forests in and our lives, the peace that woodland brings and what the future forests may yet look like for generations to come.

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