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19th September – 3rd November

This year’s Glasshaus will focus on glass and history by both distinguished artists and newcomers. It will include contemporary pieces  which use historical references as an inspirational source and also work that deals with the history of making glass.

 The history of glass making is long and fascinating, beginning at least 3,000 years ago. Gradually methods and techniques were developed and eventually used to produce glass commercially. Glass objects were no longer considered precious apart from those made more recently from lead glass crystal. Some of these feature in the exhibition.

It is only over the past fifty years or so that glass has been selected again as a popular medium for works of art, studio glass as it is now known. Many glass artists have helped to develop modern techniques but others have turned to methods used in the past in order to achieve exactly what they need to create their works of art.

Sally Anderson

The Gallery at Parndon Mill

Off Elizabeth Way


tel: 01279 426042

Registered Charity 1168202

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