A young man and woman finding a geocache hidden in the forest

By EOE Contributor, Jo Holdom

A mixture of a treasure hunt with orienteering and a good walk has to be a hit. Geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunt where players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS is a fantastic and completely free activity for families.

All you need is a GPS app on your smart phone(Go to and download it free) and a pocket full of small toys, gifts and trinkets for swapping (all will become clear shortly!).
Type in your postcode and you will see the location of possibly hundreds of geocaches in your area. Set off with your smart phone, kids and the dog and follow directions and the clues until you find the cache, often well-hidden under logs, rocks or in trees. Inside the cache you will find a book to record your name and the date you found it and often a small trinket or gift that you can swap for those you brought with you. Press the Found It button on your app and you will get the next set of coordinates so that you can head off for the next treasure hunt adventure.
A fantastic way to encourage children to go for a walk, spend a day in the fresh air completely free of charge and have fun together.
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