Dragster Thrill Ride Experience


Santa Pod Dragster Thrill Ride Experience

Having a ride in a proper drag racing car is like having an elephant sit on your chest while being struck by lightning inside of a blender. If you want to have a real adrenaline rush, this is definitely the experience for you.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very friendly crew consisting of a driver and two crew members. Treated as VIPs, we were able to witness the preparation of the car, which involved getting the 1000bhp engine warmed up and ready for its first pass of the day, and it was deafening loud, in a good way! After the warm-up, it was time to suit up. I was briefed to professional standard about each piece of the racing suit and how to put it on, and there was a wide variety of sizes, literally to ‘suit’ anyone!

After getting all of the safety gear on it was time to hit the track. We went around to the staging lanes amongst all of the professional racing teams working and preparing their vehicles for massively fast runs down the quarter mile. Once I was set down into the car, strapped in and helmet, neck brace and arm restraints in place (yes the car is so fast you have to strap your hands to the wheel) it was time to approach the start line. This is when my heart started to race. We turned the corner out of the staging lanes to see hundreds of spectators looking at us with a clear track ahead of us, like a runway. It was about this time the driver pounced on the pedal and we were off to warm up the massive rear tires with a loud/smokey and very fast burnout. After reversing, and the smoke cleared, we were motioned to line up.

We hit the staging lights, after a few seconds the engine raced to 6,000rpm momentarily, the light turned green, and for a moment, time stopped. We launched and I was immediately pushed back into the seat unable to move or breathe: such an amazing feeling of the acceleration this car was able to achieve. After my eyes refocused and before I knew it, the parachute was out and we slowed just as fast at an incredible rate. We went 167mph in 7.9 seconds in a quarter of a mile!

I would venture to say, for the effort put in by the crew, and the resources needed to go that speed, it was well worth the money, plus I received a cool T-shirt and a certificate of completion with the runtime!

2 Seater Dragster Thrill Ride Experience
Santa Pod Raceway,
Airfield Road,
NN29 7XA


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