Circus of Horrors

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Circus of Horrors

For the most bizarre, brave and bold night at the theatre you could possibly imagine; be prepared for the Circus of Horrors as it comes of age, celebrating its 21st anniversary! Now in its adult stride (18+), Circus of Horrors is as wild and daring as ever, heading to the Grove Theatre, Dunstable on Friday 18 November at 7.30pm.

If you don’t believe the madness, here’s a true story to really get you in the mood for awe and gore! When Hannibal Hellmuerto, the sword swallower from the infamous Circus of Horrors, had a Vincent van Gogh moment and cut off his earlobes, he didn’t envisage selling them at an auction.

He had stretched his earlobes to an astonishing 62mm as part of his body modification programme (also sporting a body covered in tattoos, forked tongue, floating ribs and mammoth ivory teeth). However, as the skin grew thinner he worried it would break, and when superglue wore off, he decided to cut them off completely. This is where the Circus of Horrors truly starts; Hannibal then pickled the earlobes before selling them at the Auction of Horrors! It is believed this is the first time ever that a piece of a living person’s body has been sold in an auction.

And this isn’t the first time Hannibal has been in the news. The former German tax inspector left his native Germany to run away and join the Circus of Horrors, however on two occasions he split his oesophagus and ended up in intensive care, before turning his hand to hypnotism. Then on second thoughts, after accidentally hypnotising himself whilst practising in a mirror, Hannibal stated he was going ‘back to sword swallowing, it seemed much safer’.

This is just one crazy act that the Circus of Horrors has to offer, so if you are a fan of the weird and wonderful, then The Never-Ending Nightmare by the Circus of Horrors is for you. Tickets can be purchased for £25/£20, with discount for Friends of the Grove Theatre, concessions and wheelchair users. For more information or to book, call the Box Office on 01582 60 20 80 or visit the website at

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