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Canoe Trails is a hidden gem that has so much to offer. Whether you’re looking for something fun for the whole family, a romantic getaway, or a team building expedition, canoe trails can hook you up! There are so many options to cater to your ideal day or weekend trip in the wilderness.

Pack your bags (or rucksack) for their newest adventure, a six-mile journey by canoe to your overnight campsite! You start in Town and work your way down the gorgeous river to the wilderness. There is so much to see and take in. You just can’t put into words the kind of inner peace you can find out on the water, just enjoying nature. You probably won’t even notice you will be getting a great workout as well!

We decided to test out a short portion of this adventure and I was very impressed! I will be taking my family back to enjoy the full weekend!

Lesly and I arrived and after meeting Rich, Ashley and their fun-loving canines, we were all eager to go in the water! Lesly and I decided to share a canoe, I sat in the back with double duty of steering and paddling. Easy right? Not so much, but we had a great coach! Rich kept a close eye on us from his paddleboard, whilst doing a handstand…he then asked if I wanted to give it a try….I said I better try that next time lol…. I am not that brave.

So after paddling along for a few minutes we finally got our canoe to go nice and straight. There were some ducks swimming beside us for some of the time. I think I heard them snicker when I bumped into the river wall once! It was easy to learn though and Rich said we were naturals, but I think a good teacher is important, so if you’ve never paddled a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard before, don’t let it deter you. You’re in good hands with Rich!

So after our quick paddling session, we cheated a little and hopped into the Canoe Trail van to drive over to Matchstick Woods, as we didn’t have time to do the full six miles that day. We turned off the road, onto the dirt track to the camp. We pulled up and it was beautiful, peaceful and serene. We crossed over a small bridge and walked down the trail to the campsite. Everything is ready for you to make camp. A nice flat area for your tent, wood stores, and a nice campfire area as well. There is also an outdoor loo that Rich and Ashley built so you can have one very important creature comfort whilst away from home!

If you don’t have your own tents, or can’t be bothered to set one up after your six-mile journey to Matchstick Woods you can just request to have one set up for you! You can also have coolers, etc dropped off to the site and everything will be waiting for you when you paddle ashore. Rich and Ashley were very accommodating and if there was anything I could think of that I would need on my trip they could help. They even have rain gear in case it rains, my gosh in England every day is 50% chance of rain! So that is perfect!   After checking out the campsite, we walked further down and there was a local bike trail as well.

So it’s a nice location that feels nice and remote, while a short walk will pop you onto a bike trail with more serene views.  Most people do a leisurely pace and stop for lunch at one of the pubs you will come across on your trip. The river winds in and out of civilization so there are options for a few pit stops along the way as well.

Just to touch on a couple of points, I outlined a few options but there are so many to make this trip one of a kind. You really can customize your stay to make it just right. If you feel like you just don’t want to go it alone, you can also request a guide for your trip, and pick up/drop off services are available as well.

At £99 for your campsite (with extras) a two-man canoe for two full days of paddling, and the help and expertise of some very passionate folks, this is a steal.

If you’re looking for a remote getaway after that dreadfully long week at work, but you don’t want to drive to Scotland to do it, I’d give Canoe Trails in Bedford a call on 01234 825499.

Rich and Ashley are the kind of people you find once in a Blue Moon. Their passion for anything outdoors is catching and they will even cater to the most reserved “city slicker”. After a weekend away, I promise you will be yearning for more.

Telephone: 01234 825499
Mobiles: 07960 087235 / 07710 616520



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