Can the independent high street be saved?


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It is no great secret that Britain’s high streets are struggling. review whether the high street can survive.

According to research, 20 shops close on Britain’s high streets every day, whilst one in six premises now stand empty, compared to one in 20 at the start of the recession in 2009. Businesses should be enabled to thrive but the rates are holding them back.

In today’s difficult trading situation, smaller retailers have to adapt to the changing retail habits of today’s consumer. The internet has made a massive difference to the way that consumers make purchases and shop in general. 

The high cost of parking in towns is also often cited as a barrier to a high street’s success. 

Independents need to become more accessible and visible. And shoppers must rediscover the retailers in their region, and understand they don’t have to be that much more expensive, plus they may get a far better level of service. 

There have been numerous campaigns launched to help save Britain’s high streets, including the Portas Review into the future of the high street.

Consumers need to engage with businesses because they enjoy it, because it is fun, because it is a great experience, not just because it is a Saturday. When it comes to saving our high streets, the main success stories are the ones who find a market niche and exploit it. sum up with the a need that independents need to be, innovative, enterprising and fun. And Save the independent high street!

The South and East of England region are both full of thriving independent businesses, each region boasts an array of hidden gems, and has plenty to offer from a delightful mix of independent boutique shops and restaurants, to beautiful cathedrals and abbeys, and markets, to a wide variety of attractions from modern to historical.

Both the South and East of England region are an economic powerhouse providing a real alternative to other more crowded parts of the country, and a culture that is second to none, well connected with travel infrastructure to London and other parts of the UK. promotes many independent shopping sites, you can check some of these out at

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