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Busted Review

By Adam Betson


It was a Newmarket Nights first when my wife and I went to see the evening horse-racing and a band. Playing that evening was Busted.

Parking was free and after we picked up our tickets, we made the short walk to the parade ring to watch the horses (and jockeys) being led round.

We then went to the main stand to sit down and watch the races. There were seven races in total, we managed to pick one winner!

Then on to the main event… Busted. Whoooo!

Everyone piled in to the premium area and away they went.

I was very surprised that I knew most of the songs, the classics were all there: Air Hostess, Who’s David, Crashed the Wedding, You Said No and the greats: That’s What I go to School For and Year 3000. There was also a new song from their forthcoming album.

James, Matt, and Charlie may have got older (they may be over 30 but that didn’t bother me) but the songs are still punchy and fresh.

Busted but definitely not broken.

Highly recommended – both Newmarket Nights and going to see Busted if you get the chance.



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