Bury Fringe Festival 2020 Launch


We are very excited to announce the full programme for this year’s Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival, which takes place between 1st April to 3rd May 2020!

The Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival is a volunteer-run, independent arts project, working alongside local promoters to showcase and celebrate the amazing wealth of arts and culture happening in the West Suffolk area on a grassroots, DIY basis.  Our aim each year is to bring together as many independent promoters, artists and companies operating within the town, to provide an affordable and inclusive programme of music, theatre, comedy, poetry, dance, art, literature, film and seminars for all ages to enjoy.

This year’s festival is in honour of the 1000 years of Bury St Edmuds that the town is celebrating this year with the artwork from Emily Wallace reflecting this.We have also teamed up with Shortts Farm Brewery to create a new Ale called ‘Baldwins Brew’ commemorating Abbot Baldwins instrumental involvement in the towns development.. The Festival itself includes more than 30 events, held at a variety of venues around Bury St Edmunds which support and nurture the local arts scene, including The Constitutional Club, The Hunter Club, Oakes Barn Free House, Café Rouge and Abbeygate Cinema. This year’s programme includes a film festival, an extensive theatre and comedy line-up including Quirkhouse 5‘s now-legendary “Theatre Crawl”, and a ridiculous wealth of music spanning Manchester rockers Blackballed, record store day release gig from The Glitter Shop, Bury Sound Winning superheroes Tundra, bury favourites Thy Last Drop, Americana band The Wilsons and the inaugural multi venue town takeover Bury Band Day.  This year’s festival will once again include the much loved Bury Songwriters Competition, which has previously showcased the likes of Ed Sheeran, Huntar and Amethysts.

Below is a full list of this year’s events, and some promo photos, but if you need any further information or materials, and/or would like guest list/photo passes for any of the shows, please just let me know!


Wednesday 1st April at The Constitutional Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 1 (music)

Friday 3rd April at The Hunter Club – Kirsty Hudsons Comedy Market (comedy)

Saturday 4th April at Oakes Barn Free House – Monesterous Tales (Spoken Word)

Saturday 4th April at The Hunter Club – Washing Machine Presents: Thy Last Drop, The Wilsons, The State, Ben Brown and Chasing The Dark (Music)

Sunday 5th April at the Constitutional Club – Bury Fringe Film Festival Screening 1 (Film)

Wednesday 8th April at the Hunter Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 2 (Music)

Thursday 9th April at The Constitutional Club – Phil Jackson Presents: Running Away from Hugo (Music/Film)

Saturday 11th April at Oakes Barn Free House – Oaken Word (Open Mic/Spoken Word)

Wednesday 15th April at The Constitutional Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 3 (Music)

Friday 17th April at The Constitutional Club – Walk This Way: Charity Fundraiser (Music)

Saturday 18th April at The Hunter Club – Washing Machine presents: The Glitter Shop + Support (Music)

Saturday 18th April at The Constitutional Club – Blackballed Live + Support (Music)

Sunday 19th April at The Constitutional Club & Town – Historical Town Pub Tour (History/Town Tour)

Sundat 19th April  at The Hunter Club – Bury Fringe Film Festival Screening 2 (Film)

Tuesday 21st April at The Constitutional Club – Quirkhouse 5 Preview (Theatre)

Wednesday 22nd April at The Hunter Club – The Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 4 (Music)

Thursday 23rd April at The Constitutional Club – St George and the Bard (Theatre)

Friday 24th April at The Constitutional Club  – Insert Laughter Here (Comedy/Improv)

Friday 24th April at Oakes Barn Free House – Martin Westgate: Stag, Stag, Stag? (Comedy)

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th April  at The Constitutional Club, The Hunter Club, Abbeygate Cinema, Café Rouge, Oakes Barn Free House – Quirkhouse 5 Crawl (Theatre)

Sunday 26th April at The Abbeygate Cinema – Fringe Film Festival Awards and Gala Finale (Film)

Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th April at The Constitutional Club – ‘Safe Travels’ and ‘Elsewhen’ (Theatre)

Wednesday 29th April at The Hunter Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Final – (Music)

Saturday 2nd May at the Constitutional Club – Let There B/DC – A Tribure to AC/DC (Music)

Saturday 2nd May at The Hunter Club, So-Bar, The Tavern – Bury Band Day (Music)

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