Bubblemaker Scuba Experience


Bubblemaker Scuba Experience

Pippa Giles, EOE founders’ eight-year-old daughter, went on a Galaxsea Divers Discover Scuba Diving, Bubblemaker Scuba Experience.

Participants must be at least 8 years old to take part in the Bubblemaker Experience and be comfortable in the water, and before taking part a Galaxsea Application and Medical Form must be completed.

Pippa had a brief introduction in the water to Scuba Diving, and about the equipment involved, covering everything from:

Breathing rules, equalization techniques, equipment purpose and use, hand signals, regulator and mask clearing techniques, to the respect for aquatic life (not that they had fish in the pool where Pippa’s experience took place).

Pippa wore her swimsuit, with a t-shirt over the top as advised to stop any equipment rubbing her before Galaxsea Divers kitted her out with all the basic scuba gear, made for her size and stature. If you already have your own equipment such as a mask or fins feel free to take them along, although anything you don’t have, or might need, Galaxsea have!

Before actually starting diving in the swimming pool, Pippa was advised about the importance of watching and staying close to her fully qualified PADI instructor to ensure her safety and enjoyment throughout. During the experience Pippa was never be taken out of her comfort zone, Gareth completely tailored the experience around Pippa!

Pippa loved the thrilling sensation of weightlessness, whilst being able to breathe underwater, blowing bubbles!

The best part was the fins, and breathing underwater”, and on a scale of 1-10, Pippa gives the experience a whopping 10!

The session lasted about an hour, it was a truly enriching, and huge confidence giving experience for an eight-year-old, I felt immensely proud of Pippa as I watched from the poolside.

The facilities were superb at Ipswich High School For Girls where the session was held, the instructors Gareth and Niall were both so welcoming, and fantastic with Pippa. The pool was very busy with a whole team of first-time students from the University of Essex on a Discover Scuba Course, however, there was plenty of room for everyone in the pool, and the water was very clear. As an onlooker, I found the atmosphere very relaxing. And the whole emphasis of the experience was on having FUN!

EOE can highly recommend Galaxsea Divers Bubblemaker Scuba Experience as a truly memorable Gift Experience, suitable for all ages and experiences (from 8years up).

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