Blokarting Experience


If you are looking an exciting experience, let us introduce you to the world of Blokarting!

Think of a Blokart as a mini land yacht, fast, fun, safe and comparatively affordable, and you won’t be too far wrong.  They have a 3-wheeled steel chassis that is light strong and protective.

They are amazingly easy to sail, and are suitable for young and old ages 10 to 80 alike. Most people take minutes to get going, it’s just the finesse that takes a while to perfect !!!
Blokarts can be fast and you really feel it, as the pilot is so low to the ground; but they are safe because any 3 points of the Blokart form a triangular structure of safety ? 
You are also strapped in with a seat belt, supplied with a safety helmet and protective gloves and protected by Blokart framework.

Blokarts can be used on almost any surface – from beaches to tarmac, sports and recreation grassed areas, tennis courts and even on ice when fitted with Ice Blades but you must have the land owners prior permission.

BloKarting is extremely fun, check out BloKart Activity Sessions online at:

For BKEA BloKart Corporate Activity Days & Training check out online at:

Blokarts East Anglia (BKEA) Activity Centre and Training School offers a Fun Filled Day out for all the Family, Corporate Entertainment, Schools, Group Parties, Birthday Parties and Individuals alike.
Everyone will enjoy the extreme buzz of Blokarting, whether you are a complete novice or a professional BloKart Pilot or sailor our fantastic Blokart Activity Centre caters for all levels and abilities.

Please call or email us to book on: or 07917 827178.

BloKart, March, Cambridgeshire.


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