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Young People shine a spot light on Social Media & Bullying

Milton Keynes Theatre’s dedicated Creative Learning & Community Partnerships team, is set to lead an inspired project for and with local young people that will address and shine the spot light on the important themes of Social Media & Bullying.

Milton Keynes Theatre’s resident Youth Theatre have themselves created two original theatre pieces around these prevalent issues facing young people today. Throughout the local project, young people are working with theatre professionals, and are empowered to take the lead and use their own ideas and perspectives for the creation of the original pieces of theatre.

Young people will be encouraged to think about the themes of social media & bullying through different perspectives, whilst also developing important transferable life skills such as confidence, communication, leadership and team working skills.  

The original and inspired pieces will be performed as a ‘live’ stream on the Milton Keynes Theatre Creative Learning Facebook page on Tuesday 4 December allowing a platform for the local young performers to share their work, and have their voices heard on this important topic.

The project contributes towards the Ambassador Theatre Group’s first national Annual Project led by Creative Learning & Community Partnerships Teams from across the UK – to raise awareness of the themes of social media and bullying in partnership with the award-winning production Wicked and the Anti-Bullying Alliance. This week, teams across the UK have taken to social media to support as part of Anti Bullying Week, donning their odd socks as part of ‘Odd Socks day’.

Georgia TIllery, Milton Keynes Theatre Youth Theatre Leader Said:

“The project has really allowed the young people who attend Milton Keynes Youth Theatre the opportunity to voice their own opinions, thoughts and experiences of social media. The devising process has been great, all of the ideas have come from the young people themselves. It has been amazing to watch the piece grow with a message at the heart of the work. We can’t wait to share our work via the internet.”

Youth Theatre participants said:

‘It’s been really interesting to hear everyone’s ideas and experiences of social media.  We’ve looked at a lot of statistics, which were shocking and a real eye opener’

‘By being someone else and seeing what trauma they have to go through, I feel like it’s warned me’

The performance will take place on Tuesday 4 December online at

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