Arts Award Writing Opportunity


Arts Award creatives can join the writing team at East of England Online


Arts Award suits all levels of artistic ability whether you are a budding Earlybird, hobbyist, experimentalist or expert. You may be an active blogger, copy editor, literature enthusiast or aspiring writer who is pursuing an Arts Award in order to sharpen your writing skills. You may even have a flair for capturing the decisive moment of events on camera like a consummate press photographer or journalist.

Whether you are a young creative with a penchant for taking candid photographs or writing reviews, East of England Online is inviting all who are keen to get their work published and accredited to join their impressive team. This is an inspiring, diverse opportunity for young people of any Arts Award level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) to express and better their artistic abilities within a structured programme.

As an Arts Award Supporter, East of England Online is able to offer young Arts Award members various skills in art research, copywriting and editorial writing. You will learn how a digital media, editorial and publishing organisation typically works, contribute written pieces and write editorial features on our website ( as well as our stunning consumer-driven arts and entertainment digital magazine that showcases current events in the East (EOE365) and South (SOE365) of England.

When you respond to new commissions, you will also be able to research news subjects, create original web copy, conduct personal or remote interviews with art practitioners, attend regional art conferences and source images to accompany your professionally edited written pieces. We will then provide support and feedback on the style and general content of your work.

Above all, you will be fully immersed in the thriving art world and mature as a young writer.

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