Arts Award Supporter Offer Opportunity


East of England Online are offering opportunities for young people doing Arts Award.

Click here for opportunities for Arts Centres, and Schools currently running Arts Award that can also benefit for their students and young people.

Opportunities for young people doing Arts Award:
Write for East of England Online, We support young people developing their writing skills in reviewing arts, media and culture. Being an Arts Award Supporter allows East of England Online to help young people gain accreditation for the work they do, and have it published with us within a structured programme.

Our Arts Award Supporter Offer for young people doing Arts Award:
East of England Online offer an opportunity for young people to review, photograph or interview within arts, media and culture. Some specifically arranged exclusive assignments may also be arranged for East of England Online’s event clients.

East of England Online will also share information about how a digital media and publishing organisation works, we will provide feedback on the style and content of reviews, which will be professionally edited, and we will include you in the editorial process and some work will be published on our website,, or in East of England Online’s stylish consumer arts and entertainment digital magazine celebrating What’s On in the East (EOE365), and South (SOE365) of England, which are full of superb editorial features, with a strong focus on the diversity of events and thriving Arts & Entertainment scene our region has to offer!

Young people who take up East of England Online’s Arts Award opportunity will be provided with the following branded material which they will be able to keep:
One T-shirt, and a pen (whilst stocks last). And on specifically arranged exclusive assignments two free press tickets for themselves, plus one to the event being reviewed.

Arts Award young people requirements;
Must have phone, email and ability to arrange own transport.
To take the brief over the telephone / email.
Use their own transport to attend the event, if under 18 arrange for an adult to accompany you on your assignment.
The ability to work independently.
Be able to type up, and submit a well written review via email.

Geographical requirements;
Our Arts Award offer is open to young people doing Arts Award in any part of the country if reviewing a film that is available nationally.
When reviewing arts, media and cultural events and exhibitions these will need to be based within the East and South of England, on any of these 17 counties;
Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

If you would like to take up East of England Online’s Arts Award offer, please email us in your own words answers to the questions below at:

Where are you doing Arts Award?
Which art forms are you interested in?
Which level Arts Award are you doing?
Which county do you live in?
What do you want to achieve from undertaking our Arts Award offer?

Case Study
Joanna Bailey started writing for East of England Online as an Arts Award young person back in 2017 as a Gold Arts Award participant, and is still writing for us today!

Joanna Bailey is an aspiring artist and writer who is naturally inspired by literature, arts, and media, there isn’t a day where she isn’t blogging about an amazing degree show or festival, blockbuster film, or a good read. She has already assisted in some brilliant art events and workshops with Artsmark, ROH, and Icon Theatre – all of which she has reviewed on her Arts Award portfolio.

Joanna has fantastic flair and is very easy and enjoyable to work with, you can can read one of Joanna Baileys online interviews published on our website here and download examples of some of her articles published in our digital magazines below.

SOE365-MAGAZINE-SEPT_OCT-2018-ISSUE-8.pdf (77 downloads)

EOE365-MAGAZINE-SEPT_OCT-2018-ISSUE-18-.pdf (58 downloads)

EOE365-MAGAZINE-SEPT_OCT-2018-ISSUE-18-2.pdf (77 downloads)

EOE365-MAGAZINE-SEPT_OCT-2018-ISSUE-18-3.pdf (76 downloads)

EOE365-MAGAZINE-SEPT_OCT-2018-ISSUE-18-4.pdf (70 downloads)

We welcome your enquiries and look forward to hearing from you! 

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