Animal Experience


Paradise Wildlife Park is very proud to be the leading zoo in Europe for animal experiences. We have pioneered this aspect of wild animal management and in the process raised over £2.5 Million for conservation projects around the world.

These experiences give you a real sense of the beauty, size, strength and occasionally smell of our amazing
animal friends.

You will learn about the animals and have the opportunity to ask questions as you are guided through your chosen experience.

Paradise Wildlife Park has created something for everyone, whether you are young, old, celebrating a special event, a birthday treat, entertaining important clients, rewarding staff or looking for something memorable to do as a family… it’s unique.

The images and film you take will ensure the memories and fun you experience is captured as a reminder of your animal adventure to share with your loved ones and colleagues. People often remark to us about the precious memories they have enjoyed on an animal experience in Paradise.

The experience packages include entry to Paradise Wildlife Park and welcome refreshments for the participants. The Shadow a Keeper and Meet an Animal packages include souvenir t-shirts and presentation certificates.

For further information and how to book the Animal Experiences, tour and special offers, please visit

Which animal would you like to meet?


Feed the Big Cats
It is impossible to capture in a few words how amazing it is to feed a lion or tiger by hand. To feel their breath and see their true size as they stand on their hind legs to gently take the meat is something you will never forget. At Paradise Wildlife Park they feed their Big Cats by hand from outside their enclosure.

Minimum Age 16. Duration 30 minutes
Weekdays £199. One Participant. Additional Participant £99
Weekends £249. One Participant. Additional Participant £99


Feed a White Lion
Paradise Wildlife Park is the only place in Europe where you can hand feed White Lions. You will get the opportunity to be incredibly close, literally the wire’s width away from the White Lions. This is perfect if you are looking for something that little bit extra special and exclusive.

Minimum Age 16. Duration 30 minutes
Weekdays £199. One Participant. Additional Participant £99
Weekends £249. One Participant. Additional Participant £99


Big Cat Breakfast
A guided tour of our fantastic Big Cats with aerial views and photo opportunities from the Cat Walk before the Park opens to the public, followed by an exhilarating breakfast overlooking our tigers at Tiger Treetops.

After breakfast you are welcome to spend the rest of the day at Paradise and enjoy all the attractions, facilities and shows. Commences at 8.30am.

No age restriction
Children under 14 must be accompanied by a participating adult
Duration 2 hours. Selected dates throughout the year , £89 per person


Tiger Tea
A tour of Big Cat Territory to see the Tigers, Lions, Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, White Lions and Jaguars. You will also enjoy amazing aerial views of Big Cats from the Cat Walk. The tour finishes at Tiger Treetops with a relaxing afternoon tea.

No minimum age
Children under 14 must be accompanied by a participating adult
Duration 2 hours. Selected dates throughout the year, £59 per person, £49 per person for groups of 10 or more


Champagne Breakfast with the Snow Leopards
A private tour of the Big Cats at Paradise before the Park opens to the public. Your tour leads you along the Cat Walk to our Snow Leopards where you will have the opportunity to feed them by hand. This concludes at Tiger Treetops to enjoy a continental breakfast and a glass of champagne.

Minimum Age 16 years. Duration 2 hours
Weekdays & Weekends £299 for 2 people. Additional Participants £99


Meet the Meerkats
Join our keepers and enter one of our Meerkat enclosures. You will have a bowl of food and they will come to investigate and pick out their favourites. You get the opportunity to experience first hand the social behaviour of these fascinating creatures.

Minimum Age 10. Duration 30 minutes
Weekdays & Weekends. One Participant £99. Additional Participants £49


Meet the Lemurs
You will be escorted by a member of our Primate Team who will have a bowl of specially prepared food and allow you the opportunity to feed our friendly Lemurs by hand. If you are lucky they will come and sit on your shoulder while they decide what to eat first.

Minimum Age 10. Duration 30 minutes
Weekdays & Weekends. One Participant £99. Additional Participants £49


Meet the Red Pandas 
You can meet our wonderful Red Pandas and feed them with bamboo. One of our keepers will guide you through this amazing experience as you meet one of the world’s most cute but endangered creatures.

Minimum Age 10. Duration 30 minutes
Weekdays & Weekends. One Participant £99. Additional Participants £49


MAGIC Day (Meet And Greet Interesting Creatures)
The MAGIC Day is for a group of up to 4 people and is an amazing full day of activity, including a 1-hour interactive guided tour meeting and feeding various animals. Package includes refreshments and lunch.

No minimum age (age restrictions apply to some activities
Duration 1 hour. £249 for up to 4 people. Extra Participant £49


Tickle a Tapir!
Take a trip back in time and meet our Tapirs. These prehistoric looking creatures are native to Brazil and have lived on earth for about 35 million years. Tapirs are related to the horse and rhinoceros. They are friendly and inquisitive and love a tickle!

Minimum Age 10. Duration 30 minutes
Weekdays & Weekends. One Participant £99. Additional Participants £49


Face Your Phobia
This is an ideal way to get over your fear of all things creepy crawly – Insects, Spiders, Snakes, Lizards, Mice and Birds! Under the supervision and guidance of our very patient keepers, we will help you face up to your biggest fear! You will be under no pressure to do anything that you need time to do and you will be given lots of support and encouragement.

Minimum Age 10. Duration usually 1 hour
Weekdays & Weekends. One Participant £99. Additional Participants £49


Feed the Penguins 
You can help the keepers prepare the fish for the penguins at feeding time. Knowledgeable keepers will explain about their birds and important conservation work. You will also have access to our off show area of the enclosure where you will be able to hand feed the penguins.

Minimum Age 10. Duration 30 minutes
Weekdays & Weekends. One participant £99. Additional Participants £49


Shadow a Zookeeper
Be a Zookeeper for the day and experience all aspects of animal care including cleaning, food preparation, feeding and walking animals, assisting at daily events and more. You will help with many different animals including the Paddock Animals, Lemurs, Red Pandas, Farmyard, Reptiles, Birds and will also attend the Wolf talk and a Big Cat feed. Includes refreshments and lunch. (Please note there is no active involvement in our carnivore section – Cats & Wolves)

Minimum Age 14. Duration 8 hours
Weekdays & Weekends. One Participant £199. Additional Participants £99


Shadow a Big Cat Keeper
Join the Big Cat Team for the day to experience what is involved in the caring for Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards and Jaguars. You will assist our Big Cat keepers with their daily routine – cleaning out, the daily maintenance of enclosures and preparing food. You will meet our Cheetahs and as a grand finale you will feed a Lion or Tiger by hand! Includes lunch and refreshments.

Minimum Age 18. Duration 5 hours
Weekdays £275 One Participant. Additional Participant £99
Weekends £350 One Participant. Additional Participant £99


Wolf Encounter
Join Paradise before the park opens to the general public for an exclusive experience with our keepers. Hand feed their two older socialized wolves before heading over to their Wolf Walk to see their 3 young sibling wolves. A perfect experience for any wolf lover. You will get the opportunity to take some amazing photos and learn about these animals. Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime!

Minimum Age 16. Duration 1 hour. Available on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
One Participant £149. Additional Participants £99


Junior Zookeeper (Adult and Child activity)
A great opportunity for an adult and child or family group to become Zookeepers for a morning. Every day is unique depending on what is going on in Paradise. You may be helping out in the Farmyard, tidying the Wallaby enclosure, or even walking our ponies.

Age 6 -13. Duration 2 hours. Weekdays & Weekends £60 per person
(Must be at least one adult and one child)


Junior Photographer 
You will have the opportunity to take photos of some of the wonderful animals that live at the Park which may include Penguins, Meerkats, Red Pandas and Tigers. Take photos of the animals at feeding time and meet some of the keepers as you take a walking tour of the Animal Park. You will also get to meet and photograph some of the smaller animals in the VIP studio.

Age 8 – 13. Duration 2.5 hours. Selected dates throughout the year £59 per person.
Discount entry for 1 adult at £9.


Shadow a Monkey Keeper
Help Paradise care for their Monkeys and Apes. Your work will include preparing food and enrichment, cleaning the Squirrel Monkey house, a tour of the Rainforest Building to learn about our Marmosets and Tamarins and the cleaning of our Lemurs, with the opportunity to meet and feed them.

Minimum Age 14. Duration 2 hours Weekdays & Weekends
One Participant £149. Additional Participants £99


Reptile & Bug Bonanza
Enjoy a tour of our Reptile Temple with one of our Reptile Keepers. You will have the opportunity to handle various reptiles and creepy creatures, whilst learning interesting facts about each one. These will include anything from a cockroach to a Burmese python. Handling species varies from day to day.

Minimum Age 10. Duration 1 hour Weekdays & Weekends
One Participant £99 Additional Participants £49


Wild Animal Photography Masterclass
Workshops run from 10am – 5pm for photography opportunities with incredible access to many beautiful creatures including Wolves, Reptiles, Birds and Insects. You will be taken inside the stand-off barriers to photograph the Big Cats. Includes refreshments, buffet lunch and classroom based tutorial session.

Minimum Age 14. Duration 7 hours
Selected days throughout the year £149 per person


Photography Taster Day
Photography Taster Day runs from 12noon – 4pm with the opportunity of access to some of our many beautiful creatures. Paradise Wildlife Parks in-house photographers will be on hand to offer hints, tips and advice.

Minimum age 14. Duration 4 hours. Selected dates throughout the year £99 per person


Birds of Paradise Experience
Spend time with their passionate Bird Team in the Birds of Paradise area. You will have the opportunity to meet our flock of Lorikeets and enjoy a tour of the bird section. This will be followed by assisting with training and flying at least one of our birds. Your experience will finish watching our amazing free flight bird show. (Please note that due to the nature of free flying birds, the content is subject to change and all activities with birds are weather dependent. Strong winds and rain may result in cancellation of shows.)

Minimum Age 10. Duration 1 hour Weekdays and Weekends
One Participant £99 Additional Participants £49


Gardens Tour
Enjoy an afternoon with one of Paradise’s brilliant gardening team to learn about the hard work and joy that goes into creating and maintaining one of the best zoological gardens in the UK. Includes refreshments and afternoon tea.

Minimum Age 14. Duration 2 hours.Selected days throughout the year £49 per person


WOW Tour – Walk On the Wildside
A walking tour of the Animal Park to meet a Bird of Prey followed by a visit to the Studio; a private area where you will meet Bearded Dragons, Tenrecs and Reptiles.

No minimum age. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a participating adult
Duration 60 minutes. £49 per person


The Wild Weekend
The ultimate wildlife weekend package with VIP Tours of Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire and the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent. You will meet a vast array of animals over 2 days and take away memories that will last a lifetime. Learn about the conservation work undertaken by Wildlife Heritage Foundation and Paradise Wildlife Park. The package includes refreshments and meals at both days at PWP and the BCS.

Minimum Age 16. £999 for 2 people


Snooze at the Zoo… 
Sleep to the sounds of the wild!

Fall asleep to the distant howling of wolves and awake to the lions’ roar…in Paradise’ on-site luxury accommodation.

A fantastic and rare opportunity to stay over night at the zoo and experience the atmosphere and sounds of the wild as the sun goes down.
• Complimentary access for each day of your stay to the Animal Park, attractions & shows (including Paradise Lagoon, 3 adventure playgrounds & Tumble Jungle soft play) from 9.30am until closing time.
• A round of Safari Golf on our 18 hole course
• Animal feed bag to hand feed some of our animals with their favourite treats
• A ride on the Woodland Railway
The Zebra Suite: two double/twin bedrooms and two double sofa beds sleeping up to 8 guests.

Breakfast is available in Safari Sam’s Diner each morning from 9:15am – 11am (lunch is available at Safari Sam’s Diner, Tumble Jungle and Tiger Treetops, but please note this is chargeable.)

For your evening meal they have arranged discounts with their favourite local eateries for you to choose from.

Apartments are centrally located on site for your convenience, between the animal park, restaurants & play areas.

NB: Please be aware that due to the location of the apartments, they are not suitable for pets or for people with physical disabilities that prohibit them from climbing stairs.

For bookings and more information, please call 01992 470490 oremail for special offers and discounts on their animal experiences.

Party On Down In Paradise

Paradise Wildlife Park is a fantastic and fun venue to host your child’s birthday. The best bit is that all the attractions, shows and animals are already in place. All you need to do is decide which venue from the Tumble Jungle or Safari Sam’s Diner, choose your package and who you are going to invite. You can then relax and leave the rest to us.

For more information and price details please go to, telephone 01992 440494 or email.

Gift Vouchers 
You can purchase Gift Vouchers for Paradise Wildlife Park in £10 denominations online at The Gift Vouchers can be used for admissions, experiences, cafés and in the Jungle Trading Post.

Adopt An Animal
A great gift idea. Animal Adoptions run for 12 months and include a luxury presentation pack on your chosen animal, which will include information about your chosen species. Your name will be displayed on the adoption board by your animal and you will receive 2 free tickets to visit Paradise Wildlife Park. Please go to for a full list of animals available to adopt.

Adopt An Animal From £25

Annual Memberships
Become part of the family at Paradise Wildlife Park with an Annual Membership!

Enjoy a wide range of benefits including unlimited access to the Park, FREE use of the Woodland Train and FREE use of the On Safari Adventure Golf. Memberships are valid for 12 months and can be purchased as a one off payment or you can spread the cost in affordable monthly payments by standing order.

Corporate Events & Team Building
Paradise Wildlife Park is the perfect event setting, nestled in 30 acres of woodland, with numerous venue styles and sizes, (equipped with the latest technology), outdoor activity space and over 400 animal attractions.

Every type of event is possible at the Park, including fun days, team building events, product launches, team meetings and conferences, as well as dinner dances and staff incentives. We cater for parties of 4-4000 people.

These are examples of team building activities:
• Enclosure Make-Over. Creating a new look home for our animals
• Animal Enrichment. Making toys & apparatus for your chosen animals
• The Interactive Animal Challenge

A mix of : Animal Quiz, Ride-on Zebras, Formula Fun Go-Karts, Wind-up Horse Racing, Adventure Golf

Based on minimum of 20 people. Duration Flexible. Selected days throughout the year From £89 per person


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