Inline Ad

6. Inline Ads

Small rectangle aligned inline ads

Rectangle 180px x 160px (£20.00 per month or £120.00 12 months). Visible on all editorial pages.

Banner Ad - 1 month

Banner Ad - 728px x 90px

One month 'Banner Ad' placement on £180 Now Half Price £90

Inline Ad - 12 Months

Inline Ad - 180px x 160px

12 months 'Inline Ad' placement on  £135


Advertising Technical Specification

    • Ads pixel non-animated static ads with click-through link
    • Small text should be avoided as banners will be scaled down to approx. 300px wide for mobile devices

Impressionable Media

  • All ad scripts/images and resources must be served via HTTPS
  • Flash files cannot be accepted
  • Pop-ups and pop-unders are not accepted anywhere on site
  • Ads must be compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Ads that repeatedly ash or give a strobe effect are not allowed anywhere on site
  • All adverts with sound must be muted by default
  • Link text should be descriptive of the page which is being linked to and make sense when read out of context. In particular, avoid phrases such as ‘click here’ as these can create accessibility issues for users of alternatives browsers such as screen readers as well as trigger spam filters in email.
  • The term ‘click’ is also becoming increasingly antiquated as the number of people using non clicking touchscreen devices increases. These rules also apply to text within images. An example of appropriate link text would be: ‘book tickets on our website’ as opposed to ‘click here to book tickets’ or ‘book tickets here’

HTML5 Adverts

  • Images must not be supplied as SVG
  • Images must be referenced directly within the HTML and not within an external JavaScript or CSS le (this is because File Macros can only be used within the HTML)
  • Every campaign must supply both desktop (620×80) and mobile (600×120) versions
  • Static GIF/ JPEG – Max file size 90KB
  • Desktops / tablets (620×80 pixels / no animation)
  • Mobile version (600×120 pixels / no animation)
  • To make better use of the high resolution displays available on mobile devices (such as Apple’s Retina display) we can use larger images. When viewed on a mobile phone display where the pixels are 50% smaller these images will appear at half the physical dimensions compared to a desktop computer
  • Whilst the le may be larger, this only aids in the sharpness of the text and edges. Consideration needs to be given to the size of any text, graphics or logos in relation to the nal display size. Zooming out to 50% in Photoshop is a quick way to approximate the nal look whilst creating these adverts
  • Approximation of the display size on a mobile (in reality text and edges would appear sharper)

EOE only provide digital Proofs of advertisements that we create with our banner ad design service. This is a free service for 12 month banner ad bookings, otherwise we charge £15, after four revisions you will be charged £5 per revision. This must be paid before design work starts.