2019 Ocean Film festival


As this was my second Ocean Film Festival, I was already expecting an evening full of sumptuous cinematography and exciting subject matter. I am very glad to say the evening didn’t disappoint. The night kicked off with an ingenious plan to relocate a colony of African penguins, using a fusion of art and science to trick penguins with beautifully constructed decoys. This humorous and heart-warming tale was followed by a mix of films such as Manry at Sea, Emocean and The Passage which all showcased the power of the human spirit when it is stirred by the sea. As well as celebrating the adventurous nature of these ocean loving individuals we were treated to visually compelling and completely unique view of the ocean as presented by the films Surface, Forever and A Peace Within which all provided a refreshingly innovative perspective of the ocean and the shoreline.

I particularly enjoyed the ironically entitled ‘Forever’ which was so simple yet so engaging it caused everyone in the audience to laugh and sigh involuntarily. The highlight for me though was undoubtedly the final film of the evening, Surfer Dan – this completely unfathomable man was an absolute joy to watch and a wonderful way to round off an enormously enjoyable evening. I highly recommend putting these film festivals in your social calendar!


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